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How do you Manifest with Water? Learn how!

Do Water Affirmations and Mantras work for Manifestation?

Yes, because they allow you to increase your focus and shift your feeling towards what you want when you read them, and the water that is changed to a higher vibration infuses your cells, helping to raise your vibrations.  Water affirmations on their own cannot change your life, but are best used with additional personal growth tools like Affirmation Mirror Decals, Guided Journals, and Personal Growth Workshops.

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6 Reasons Millennials Should Be Meditating
My first real encounter with meditation was at a new church.  Before the service, they did a 20-30 minute silent meditation, and it was one of the oddest things I’ve experienced.   A room full of people actively not thinking,...
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Integrate Self-Care for a Healthier You
There’s a lot that fitness can do for your overall health. However, did you know that self-care is important for wellness too? Balancing a consistent fitness routine with regular self-care is the simplest way to achieve your health and wellness goals, and get on track to looking and feeling your best. Finding the time to commit to so many healthy new habits can be a challenge, especially if you already have a packed schedule. That’s why you need some simple self-care and fitness tips, such as the ones below, to reach those goals so much easier.
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We're at it again!  PleaseNotes is featured on Miss Asia Milia's Style and Lifestyle Blog!
"Journals are SO essential. You can document your journey, you can document your food for the day, and you can even keep progress reports of your journey. My 2018 journal that will be used for all the above is from PleaseNotes, it reads “You Are Capable of Wondrous Things.” Who doesn’t want to read that before opening their journal?! It has inspirational quotes on the bottom of each page and it is full of affirmations."
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