How do you Manifest with Water? Learn how!

How do you Manifest with Water? Learn how! - PleaseNotes


There's been a lot going around about how water affects you in more ways than just physically.

By imprinting your water with what you would like to manifest and drinking it, you allow the universe to give it to you easier.

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Let’s Talk Science

Since we are about 70% water, the quality we ingest has a marked event on people’s growth and day-to-day lives. On one side, those who have substandard water are more likely to have problems with learning, growth, and physical health. On the other, when you are well hydrated your organs work more efficiently, your memory is sharper, and your moods are more stable.


Studies have shown when you intentionally focus a thought, phrase, or feeling at water, it changes its molecular structure. There’s been videos of people focusing an image, word, or phrase at a set of items that are made up of a large quantity of water. One item will get positive messaging and the other will receive negative.


One of the most referred to instances are studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto where when exposed to blessings from a priest, positive notes in different languages or music, gorgeous crystals were formed, while those who had negative messaging and words directed towards it, the frozen water crystals were malformed and incomplete.                 

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How do you Manifest?

When it comes to manifestation, the most effective way to attract what you want is to start with general statements that match the feeling of what you want. Then as you feel more concrete in it happening, you can get more specific. In using a general statement, you feel more aligned with having your desire, and most importantly, you don’t create resistance to receiving the thing you want.


For example, if you want to be a millionaire, ask yourself why.  Is it the fast-paced life? The experiences? Not worrying about funds anymore? Feeling successful or accomplished? When you find your reason why ask yourself why you want that again. Repeat this process until you get to the root of your desire, usually indicated by a clear internal feeling of resolution.


For some this exercise will go:

1) I want to be a millionaire.

2) Because I don’t want to worry about paying bills and my credit rating anymore

3) Because I want to feel secure and safe.


In this case, the person will manifest what they want quicker by reinforcing the new affirmation. This can be done by creating evidence that they are safe, practicing the feeling of being safe, noticing all the ways that they are taken care of, and drinking water infused with the feeling of what they want. In doing so, this person opens up passageways for all kinds of abundance to come in, financially and otherwise.

When asking for the same thing, you will have a different reason why you want what you want in comparison to other people. This is based on a core misbelief that you are without something, usually based on your upbringing.

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Do Water Affirmations and Mantras work for Manifestation?

Yes, because they allow you to increase your focus and shift your feeling towards what you want when you read them, and the water that is changed to a higher vibration infuses your cells, helping to raise your vibrations.  Water affirmations on their own cannot change your life, but are best used with additional personal growth tools like Affirmation Mirror Decals, Guided Journals, and Personal Growth Workshops.


My favorite experience with water affirmations is how they supported me with releasing additional weight, having great skin, and feeling strong and full of vitality in my body structure.


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