Inspirational Valentine's Gift Guided Affirmation Journal

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PleaseNotes is an affirmation-filled lifestyle brand.

We empower people to live bolder, authentic lives by providing time-tested tools that we've curated for the millennial generation.

We cultivate three main tools to success; Confidence, Clarity and Creativity. Our mission is to inspire others to make a difference in their lives by being courageous and stepping into their own personal power.

By practicing with our strategic tools, you'll have less stress, more fun, and will create a life you love.

In addition, 10% of our net proceeds always go to organizations that support women in creating their dreams!

So What Do You Really Want?

The Journal

Different from any journal you've ever seen. Every page has a different affirmation or quote from today's thought leaders. The guided workbook, Journal Juice, gives you the juice for journalling. Once you purchase, you can always download and re-do the exercises.


The Journal

The #HustleKit

LIFE Rebranded by LADY Rebranded

Mirror Mirror - Mirror Affirmation Decals

PleaseNotes Sticky Notes

The Notebook


We're biased about our goods, so here's what real people have to say!

I love my Journal. I started using the workbook when I really wanted to do my own thing, but I didn't have the courage to leave my job. Now I have my own company, I work 20 hours a week, I'm working with people I never thought I would and I feel excited when I wake up in the morning!

Olivia H. - @livhvrris

I love the Notebook, because it helps me keep my crazy mind organized. Every time I need a positive affirmation, the quote at the bottom of the page always some how applies to what I'm feeling and completely makes my whole mindset change and makes me happier.

Arianna B. - IG @ariannachayleneblean

I love my Confident Mirror Mirror Decals and Label of Love Water Labels.They always remind me to stay the course, even when I doubt myself. I feel more grounded and empowered, and get more done! People have even told me they see a change in me!

Joelle C.W. - @joellespeaks

Limited Edition -
LIFE Rebranded by LADY Rebranded

Live Authentically.
Created to guide you to the core of you, get clear on your "why" and how to communicate it to others. Included are tips, examples and plenty of space to create what you want to see for your LIFE. Pen your goals, sketch epic blueprints or meal plan for the week. No matter what it is, do it intentionally!


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