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  • Connect with the most important person in your life, you.

    Open your inward communication channels and strengthen your intuition and problem solving capabilities so you can be more confident in your day-to-day life.

  • Now's the perfect time to bring your Dreams and Desires to Life.

    Release the struggle and start receiving. Get clear on what your authentic, successful life looks like, embody it, and make it feel natural so you can attract it to you.

  • Change can be easy, change can be fun. Learn in a style that works for you.

    Small actions done consistently change you bit by bit. The items in the line cover an array of modalities and stack on each other, making them easy to use and change your habits of thought.

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Get Clear and Raise Your Vibration With Our Goods

Guided Journals, Notebooks and Planners

Gratitude, Clarity, Manifestation and Inclusion Ready to take on some big goals?... 

Notables - Affirmation-Filled Gifts

Affirmation-Filled Sticky Notes, Soft Enamel Pins, Affirmation Cards, Clothing,  and Affirmation Decals for... 

  • Les Brown - Motivational Speaker

    "This is great work, it's a gift and more people need to know about and use these goods. I love it!"

  • Joelle C.W. - Grief and Loss Coach

    I use my Clarity Journal regularly, and it's really helped me create a consistent practice. I give them as gifts and everyone who gets one loves the little details and the message in the journals.

  • Monique Coleman - Actress and Activist

    I’ve been in a love affair with PleaseNotes for the past 5 years. From the high quality guide journals and inspiring sticky notes to the decals I put literally everywhere (including the shower) — I’m constantly affirmed, encouraged, and uplifted by this delicious brand.

  • Christine L. - Branding Expert

    I often tell others about the PleaseNotes journals and love the size and buttery soft cover. If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted piece from someone who’s put their heart and soul into it, that’s Cheryl Sutherland and PleaseNotes.

  • Maria M. - Director of Instructor Talent

    Cheryl graciously shared her knowledge and wisdom with our community in a way that was digestible and inspiring. We got a lot of positive feedback and would highly recommend her for anyone looking to host a workshop for their community or staff!

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Why Affirmations?

Affirmations help you change the way you see yourself so you can attract the things you desire easily.

I started working with affirmations when I was at a turning point in my life. I left my job and needed to reconnect with who I was, what mattered to me and what I truly wanted. When I combined affirmations, personal growth exercises and journaling, I found all the answers I was seeking inside me all along.

Everything in the line has been curated, designed and filled with intention. I've updated these time-tested teachings to make it easy for you to start using them daily.

Say yes to believing in you.

- Cheryl Sutherland, Founder

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The Best Guided Journal for you in 2023.

Reconnect With Your Purpose and Chart the Path to Your Passion with the Clarity Journal.  Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Attract Happiness and Joy with the Gratitude Journal. Every Page Has a Handpicked Affirmation or Inspirational Quote to Inspire You Into Growth. Great as a Gratitude Journal, Daily Journal, Dream Journal or Manifestation Journal. Comes with a 3 Pack of the PleaseNotes Sticky Notes!

You can also get digital versions of the ClarityGratitudeManifestation and Dream Journal.  Easily download, print and use them all to help you create a life you love.

View All Digital Journals

The Daily Guided Gratitude Journal and the Guided Clarity Journals are some of the Best Guided Journals for Anxiety. The whole PleaseNotes line serves as great Inspirational Gifts for Employees and these Motivational Products are a favorite Inspirational Gift For Patients.  These "I Am" Journals are all rooted in the  power of Affirmations and Personal Growth principals.

In addition, you can get these Guided Journal as PDFs and Digital Downloads.

Would you like to be more Cheeky, Carefree or Confident?
Choose your favorite collection!

Stay Inspired and Achieve your Goals With These Reminders.
The Sticky Notes feature a different empowering Affirmation on each page.
The Mirror Mirror gets your day started with an invigorating Affirmation and the Label of Love infuses your body, and water, with powerful Affirmations to keep you going all day long. The Brightly Enamel Pins let you set an intention and show it off throughout the day, the Jotter Notebooks are a great place to play with creativity or use for daily musings, and the new Affirmation Cards are perfect to help you an intention for the day, journaling, or a manifestation process.

Lastly, the limited edition Inclusion Notebook, created to support you in your allyship and help you advocate for equity by expanding your perception around race, privilege, and diversity.

Discover the tool that's best for you.