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Due to unprecedented shipping disruptions thanks to 'Rona season, please allow an extra 1-2 weeks for shipping as we do our absolute best to get you your goodies. 💜💜💜💜

Step One : Guided Journals

Discover the tool that's best for you.

Reconnect With Your Purpose and Chart the Path to Your Passion with the Clarity Journal.  Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Attract Happiness and Joy with the Gratitude Journal. Every Page Has a Handpicked Affirmation or Inspirational Quote to Inspire You Into Growth. Great as a Gratitude Journal, Daily Journal, Dream Journal or Manifestation Journal. Comes with a 3 Pack of the PleaseNotes Sticky Notes!

You can also get digital versions of the ClarityGratitude, Manifestation and Dream Journal.  Easily download, print and use them all to help you create a life you love.

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Cheryl Sutherland - PleaseNotes - Black Woman Entrepreneur

Why Affirmations?

I started working with affirmations when I was figuring out who I wanted to be. I left my job and needed to decide who I was and what I wanted.  In working with affirmations, I was able to boost my confidence, sense of self, and create an amazing life that I love!  All the magic is has been hand picked, designed and filled with intention and love. I created this to help people see themselves the way I see them, and allow them to believe in themselves, put themselves first, and become their favorite version of themselves.

- Cheryl Sutherland, Founder

Step Two: Noteables

Would you like to be more Cheeky, Carefree or Confident?
Choose your favorite collection!

Stay Inspired and Achieve your Goals With These Reminders.
The Sticky Notes feature a different empowering Affirmation on each page.
The Mirror Mirror gets your day started with an invigorating Affirmation and the Label of Love infuses your body, and water, with powerful Affirmations to keep you going all day long.

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If you’re over waiting to feel successful, accomplished or happy in your career, you do not want to wait and hope that there’s still a spot available for you.

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The Best Guided Journal for you in 2020.

 The Daily Guided Gratitude Journal and the Guided Clarity Journals are some of the Best Guided Journals for Anxiety. The whole PleaseNotes line serves as great Inspirational Gifts for Employees and these Motivational Products are a favorite Inspirational Gift For Patients.  These "I Am" Journals are all rooted in the  power of Affirmations and Personal Growth principals.

In addition, you can get these Guided Journal as PDFs and Digital Downloads.

"This is great work, it's a gift and more people need to know about and use these goods. I love it!"

Les Brown - Motivational Speaker, Coach and Trainer

The PleaseNotes Journal isn’t your average lined notebook with a motivational quote on the outside. It’s jam-packed full of great, goal-oriented content to help you achieve your dreams.

Erin N. - @The.Petite.Planner

I love my Journal. I started using the workbook when I really wanted to do my own thing, but I didn't have the courage to leave my job. Now I have my own company, I work 20 hours a week, I'm working with people I never thought I would and I feel excited when I wake up in the morning!

Olivia Harris - HVRRIS Group

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