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Inclusion Notebook

Inclusion Notebook

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Committing to Diversity and Inclusion Training is the first step, take it to the next level with the introspective lessons within the Inclusion Notebook.
A powerful companion tool to help build your DEI ( Diversity and Equity and Inclusion ) policies. 

This 8 x 5.5-inch notebook is filled with exercises to help you with your unlearning process, and to help you become an anti-racism activist and Ally. Co-created with Inclusion & Diversity Specialist Jamile Cruz of I&D101 (, this Notebook is powerful on its own and amplifies your learnings if you are also taking DEI training. This notebook was specifically focused on creating inclusive leadership and fostering healthy diversity in the workplace.

It is filled with affirmations and positive quotes from today's thought leaders such as James Baldwin, Lisa Nichols, Michelle Obama, Laverne Cox, and more inclusivity activists and is a favored tool at companies including Facebook and CPA Canada. Great for note-taking on the run, in meetings, or as a Travelers Journal. 

White Embossed Cover with "I Am Choosing to Grow in New Ways" on the front in white and "Inclusion Notebook" on the back.



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