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5 Reasons to Start Setting Goals in 2023
In the digital era, everyone is expected to be digitally savvy. This means that many of us are now used to using technology. However, not everyone is comfortable with using a digital device. This is why there is also a...
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How to Make Journaling a Habit
Today’s world seems to be more and more centered around technology. Even those who are not technologically-savvy can access a variety of apps to organize their schedules, keep track of finances, or even keep journals. If you have an abundance...
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What is Guided Clarity Journaling

What is Clarity Journaling?

Clarity Journaling is the process of using journaling to delve deeper into a situation so you can create alignment with what you want your next steps to be. Clarity Journaling is super supportive if you have a conflict between your head and your heart. 

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