5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of A Daily Planner

5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of A Daily Planner - PleaseNotes

After searching through different online shops and various bookstores to find the planner right for you. What is next? 

We tend to look at the shiny new cover and crisp pages a little unsure of how to get started. This is where most of us fail because we get so amped up and ready to be productive but don’t use the tools around us. I am here today to help you solve that problem so that you can learn how to use a daily planner to reach goals and dreams you never thought were possible. If that sounds interesting, let's crack open that new planner and follow along!

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As I mentioned above, we look at the new crisp pages, amazing layout and we become scared to get started. We think to ourselves. Is this something I can really stick to? This planner has the potential to change your life and take your time management skills to the next level.

In order to get started, you don’t have to use all the fancy exercise and layouts. Just do yourself the favor of just writing. The messier the better because this will get you into the habit of going into your planner and wanting to plan out your day as the weeks go on. So, grab your cup of coffee, your favorite-coloured pen and just get started!


Instead of using bits of scrap paper, paper pads or even daily reminders on your phone, write it all down in your daily planner! If you know you need to do something throughout the day and you absolutely can’t forget, grab your planner. By putting everything in one place you are more likely to check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything on your to do list. This can be anything from birthday parties to dinner parties, work meetings, trips, vacations and everything in between. This also helps with anxiety as you are able to get it out of your brain and timeblock accordingly. The easiest way to plan to get something done is if you write it in your planner and prepare. So don’t be shy, grab your planner and write down your to-do list for today right now! I can’t wait!


Get into the habit of taking your daily planner with you everywhere. What good can the planner provide to your life if you are at work and need to write something down and forget it? When you’re looking to purchase a planner, find one that is bound well for travel, a great size and weight that would make it easy to pop into your purse, backpack or bag. As soon as you get to school, work, or even at home, make sure to open up your daily planner and keep it nearby. When you get an unexpected appointment or meeting that arises you can look in your planner and write it down, so you won’t forget. If you then accomplish a task, you can check it off right away with ease.  

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When you first get into the habit of writing down your daily to do lists and planning out events you often think you can do more than you can at the start. This will make you dread starting your day because you’ll see this long to-do list and be quickly discouraged. Hence, why I’m giving you this quick reminder to be more realistic with your time frames and remind yourself that you might not get all your tasks done for that day and that’s okay! The planner is there as a tool to help you, so if you can’t finish all the tasks you have planned for that day you can learn and start to plan accordingly. You got this!! The first two weeks you are using your planner, pay attention to how much time you allot for tasks and how much time it actually takes.  This will help you create realistic time goals, so instead of feeling like you didn’t do enough in a day, you can clearly see that you are on track, or need to adjust something.


You can use this planner as a to-do list, or you can use it to make sure you are making the best use of your time. Use timeblocking to focus on one group of tasks (ie. Creating social media posts, sales/outreach, recording etc.) and delegate the things that you can out. You’ll feel less scattered, get more things done, and free up time to do only the things you can do. It’s also important to schedule the tasks that feel uncomfortable first, so you are not dragging your heels and lowering your energy during the day. 

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In the end, by following these tips you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing all your goals over the next few days, weeks, months and even years. This will help you achieve a life you used to only dream of!  

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