5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Month

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Month - PleaseNotes

February is no longer only about waiting until Feb 15th to get half-priced chocolate, it’s also about kicking our self-care up a notch! Take a step back from all the noise and check out 5 easy ways to celebrate the most important person in your life… you.

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Snow Day

Remember when you were a kid, stationed in front of the tv, waiting for the weather man to say what schools were closed? Snow Days are officially the best! No expectations from teachers, pressures to be on time or need to brush your teeth. Give yourself a Snow Day!  Put your Out of Office on your email and your phone on Do Not Disturb. Do whatever you really want to do whether it’s a series of naps, Netflix, going to the Spa or visiting a new restaurant on your own.  Turning down the level of commitment on ourselves not only elevates tension that we tend to carry in our bodies, it also allows our body and mind the space to chill out.

Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Treat yourself the way that you want to be treated. Flip the script and write a sweet letter to yourself in your journal that you would be elated in receiving. Point out your little quirks, all the things that you love about yourself, and pour on extra goodness on your inner attributes that you might of chastised yourself for previously.  Touch on your physical attributes as well as your attitude and the things you are or want to be proud of yourself for.  When you’re done (make it at least a page, single spaced) read it out to yourself a couple times and soak in all the sweet vibes.

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Buy Yourself a Plant 

Some people like flowers, however, eventually they will die and lose their luster.  Houseplants help reduce stress and bump up your feeling of well-being and many help improve air quality.  Pop into IKEA or your local home improvement store and pick up a sweet friend (or 5) for your favorite room. Lavender plants are especially supportive for rooms you want to bump up the feeling of calm in.

P.S. If you have access to bundle of eucalyptus,  hang it in your shower and let the steam make it into a great spa experience.

At Home Dance Party

Bust all your favorite moves!  Whether its a Spotify playlist or a mixtape you made off the radio (there was a bunch of effort invested, you had to press record and play at the SAME TIME) pop in some tunes and get back in tune with your body! Not only will you get your blood pumping, it’s an easy way to have a touch of unplanned fun, raise serotonin levels and elevate stress!

Have a Fresh Food Day

There is something so satisfying about filling your body with nurturing food.  We all get bogged down in the day to day but pick one day that you focus on nutrients and how something feels as your body is absorbing it.  Whether it’s juicing, smoothies, fresh fruit and veg, work that in with quality waters, kombucha and more stuff that makes you say “mmm”.  To make it easy, you can even set yourself up with a meal delivery kit like Blue Apron or Chef’s Table to make grocery shopping a breeze and get last minute goodies through Amazon Prime or Instacart.

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The fact we have to create events to highlight and celebrate self-love, self-care and similar themes just reiterates how rarely we pour back into ourselves. Use and share these 5 tips however and whenever you would like, because you deserve it.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Comment below!

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