Women Marched. Where do we go from here?

Women Marched.   Where do we go from here? - PleaseNotes

The Women’s marches went on all over the globe this past weekend and it was met with  mixed emotions. If I had to sum up in 4 views, they would be;

  1. I feel so loved and empowered.
  2. People who marched are stupid/crybabies/entitled.
  3. Are all these people going to show up for more marginalized groups that need help?
  4. Now what?

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The main focus of the Women’s March was to stand up and say, no.  This is not okay.  Everyone deserves to have equal rights, and have power over what they can do, or not do to their bodies.  Everyone’s voices should be valued and heard. Everyone should have access to affordable resources, and gender shouldn’t mean that I should be treated differently.

I feel lucky enough to have witnessed the marches and participate, but I feel like this march needs to be the beginning of something more.  Yes, some people feel there are many problems, and there needs to be action to actually make headway.

What can we do to support Women’s rights, and the rights of the marginalized?

The company that organized the Women’s March https://www.womensmarch.com/ is committed a campaign 10 actions over 100 days, where you are empowered to make your voice heard on the issues that trouble you and it be part of a collective action.

There are various independent people coming up and organizing meetings, photoshoots, and playing active parts in mobilizing and moving people. One of such organizations is 

Unity In Color that focuses on having all women stand together as we acknowledge the past.  Check out their photo series here.

If you are not part of a marginalized group in your community, see what you can do to support others. Invite people to share their experiences with you and see how you can help.   If you are part of a marginalized group, offer a space (preferably one that can be protected from internet trolls) that people that don’t understand can come and ask questions.  Most non-POC feel like when ever they attempt to ask questions that they are judged for not knowing or approaching the subject the wrong way. 

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There is a interesting trend of copy paste “reporting” which a lot of the sources are incorrect, or click bait.  Take the time to research something on your own, and come up to your own conclusion.

Lastly, I think having empathy can go a long way.  Feelings, emotions and thought processes are being challenged, pushed and pulled in all directions, and having a little bit more compassion for one another goes a long way.

Rising tides lift all ships, and we have to come together to make a change.

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Photo Credit: Unity in Color/ Jasmine Solano-@xojsmn / BukunmiGrace- @bukunmigrace

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