What is Guided Clarity Journaling

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We've talked about guided journaling,  let's get into the 411 of Clarity Journaling. 

What is Clarity Journaling?

Clarity Journaling is the process of using journaling to delve deeper into a situation so you can create alignment with what you want your next steps to be. Clarity Journaling is super supportive if you have a conflict between your head and your heart.  Journaling allows you to connect to your intuition on a deeper level than just speaking out loud or thinking through a problem in your head. A person that is doing Clarity Journalling will be able to clearly feel when they have arrived at the best solution for them as there will be a feeling of "Unblocking" felt in the body. 

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How does Clarity Journaling work?

Clarity Journaling has been a life-changer for me as it created something that I never had, a way to hear my own voice. Instead of being beaten to death with what I "Should do" or "What makes sense" Clarity Journaling allows you to create your own way to listen to the creative, authentic side of you vs the logical, egoic mind. 

When Should I Use Clarity Journaling?

Clarity Journaling is the best during periods of transition or when you feel stuck.  This process allows you to put yourself and your needs first, which can be difficult for people used to supporting others, people-pleasers or those who value others more than themselves. In getting clear on what matters to you, who you truly are, and what you want your life to look like, you create pathways of opportunities for it to happen. This occurs subconsciously in your brain and in vibration to the Universe. For those who would like to practice the Law of Manifestation, the Universe starts giving you what you want when you know what you want and release all the mental blockages around it.

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Why Should I Journal For Clarity?

When you practice journaling for Clarity, you strengthen your problem-solving muscles. This means you are able to create solutions easier, spend less time procrastinating, recognize the root of your feelings quicker so you can make next steps from confidence instead of fear.

You are also able to notice and track patterns of thought. Often in one's personal growth process, you think you've overcome a behavior or thought that doesn't serve you, and then years later it shows up in a different way. Once you recognize it, you can choose again.

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Why get a Guided Clarity Journal?

Just like teaching yourself Algebra, you need the questions and the formula to get started. If you don't have a line of thought-provoking questions and exercises, how are you going to answer them to create your solutions? The best Clarity Journals have a mix of questions and exercises in addition to different ways to write in the Journal.  In the PleaseNotes Clarity Journal, there are questions, exercises, and places to draw using both blank and bullet pages. Every page also has an inspirational quote or affirmation to keep you focused and inspired. 

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