How to Manifest a Good Decision?

How to Manifest a Good Decision? - PleaseNotes

Decision-making is an integral part of our daily lives. Big ones, small ones, the in-betweeners that leave us scratching our heads and wondering, "Am I choosing the right path?" Totally been there, friend. 

But then, I stumbled upon this amazing concept: manifestation. Hold on, before you roll your eyes at the "woo-woo" factor, hear me out! Manifestation, in my experience, is not about forcing the universe's hand. It's aligning your individual soul with the energy of your dreams. It's like a guide towards the path that resonates most deeply with you.

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Here's how manifestation helped me illuminate my career crossroads:

Channeling My Inner Dream Weaver:

It all started with getting crystal clear on my desires. What did my ideal work life look like? I grabbed my favorite journal and got busy creating a manifestation list. This list became my north star, filled with the qualities of my dream job: a supportive team environment, creative freedom, and a healthy work-life balance.

Mindful Musings:

Next came the quieting of the mind. Meditation, deep breathing, and long nature walks became my go-to tools. The goal? To silence the inner critic and tap into my intuition. Guided mindful journaling for decision making also became a game-changer. Prompts like "What are my core values in this situation?" helped me uncover the guiding principles for my next move.

The Power of Visualization:

I closed my eyes and pictured myself thriving in my dream job. I felt the satisfaction of using my skills, the joy of collaborating with a fantastic team. This visualization process felt powerful – like planting a seed of intention that would blossom into reality.

Intuition as My Guide:

Sometimes, the "right" decision isn't a neon sign flashing in the sky. It's a quiet whisper from within. I learned to trust my gut feeling. A sense of peace and excitement often signaled alignment with my true desires.

Committing to the Unknown:

Manifestation is not waiting for a miracle. It is an inspired action. Once I had a sense of direction, I started taking steps, even small ones, towards my dream career. Networking opportunities arose, and even though they seemed unexpected, my intuition nudged me to take action.


Manifesting good decisions through these methods offers numerous benefits. It aligns your choices with your true self, ensuring they resonate with your deepest desires. This alignment brings a sense of peace and fulfillment, as your decisions feel right and natural. Additionally, using tools like mindful journaling and yoga reduces the anxiety and stress often associated with decision-making, making the process smoother and more intuitive.

A personal example comes from my own experience with career choices. I felt overwhelmed and unsure in a sea of "should I's" and "what if's." I turned to guided mindful journaling for decision making, using prompts like, “What do I truly want from my career?” and “Which option feels most aligned with my individual soul?” Through this process, I created a manifestation list outlining the qualities I desired in a career. I also practiced yoga manifestation to stay grounded and focused. Eventually, the right choice became clear, and I confidently accepted the career that aligned with my dreams and values.

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Manifesting a good decision is a powerful way to ensure your choices align with your true desires and goals. Make informed and inspired decisions by following these tips. Remember, the key is to believe in the process of manifestation and trust that your inner self knows what’s best for you. Stay open to the possibilities and watch as your good decisions manifest in magical ways.

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