9 Black-Owned Stationery Companies You'll Love Shopping From In 2021

9 Black-Owned Stationery Companies You'll Love Shopping From In 2021 - PleaseNotes
Whether you are a stockist looking for new items for your store, or a person looking to add a new stationery item to your collection, you're going to want to check out this list of Black-Owned companies. With the burgeoning awareness of the lack of support and different obstacles Black businesses face in comparison to other entrepreneurs, people are now choosing to mindfully look for, and support businesses led by Black entrepreneurs. If you're looking for a gift or a new addition to your day-to-day stationery goods, you're going to want to check out this list.
Featuring stationery and other office supplies from all over the world, Greer Chicago has two physical locations in the USA (one in Chicago and one in NYC). Their online shop is available for worldwide shipping and boasts a large inventory of unique cards, notebooks, and writing supplies. 
Statement Goods is an online shop that shares the love of illustrations. The co-owners are both designers and illustrators which is their true passion and their goal is to share their love for them with their customers. In their online shop, you can find original prints, greeting cards, jewelry and pins to choose from. 
Beautiful stationery is the inspiration behind Effie’s Paper and they have truly delivered. You can expect to find stunning designs with a variety of stationery options to choose from plus pens, pencil cases, notebooks and other fun accessories. 
Copper & Brass started off selling wrapping paper and gift bags with the goal of increasing representation for Black people. Since the company’s inception, their online shop has grown to include cards, notebooks, pens and other accessories. 
These self-published coloring books were created to help women relieve stress at the same time as being lifted up and celebrated. The books center around themes of empowerment and diversity. 
The goal of Page Eleven Paper Goods is to support people in reaching their goals. Their online shop sells planners and journals and founder, Elisha, offers consults to help others create a more organized life. Page Eleven is the full circle of options.
PleaseNotes was started to help you become your favorite version of you. By integrating affirmations, positive messaging, inspirational quotes, and activities into their journals, making it easy to start your personal growth journey. They also offer other inspirational gifts and journaling workshops to go along with their stationery. 
Brown Aspiration was founded to support the representation of Black people in stationery lines. This online store features beautiful images of regular African American people. Choose from notebooks, planners, writing utensils, and other office supplies. 
Blú Rose Designs is your stop if you’re looking for stunning and elegant stationery and cards. They have options for a variety of events, and offer customization to include your own text and color options. Unique from many other companies, Blú Rose Designs also offers the option of digital downloads or bulk printing. 

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