Why Self Care Isn't Selfish

Why Self Care Isn't Selfish - PleaseNotes

At some time or another, we may all be guilty of thinking taking time for ourselves is selfish.

It's not. In fact, it's the opposite. When we take care of ourselves first, it makes us better able to take care of others – including our friends, family members, and partners. It also improves our productivity in the workplace and makes us happier overall. So let me tell you why self-care isn't selfish at all. 

If we don't prioritize ourselves, no one else will.

No one can take care of us if we aren't willing to first take care of ourselves and make sure that our needs are met.

For instance, if you're about to go on a long flight but haven't slept in two days because you are busy taking care of everyone else around you, then there's no way that you'll be able to function well once you get off the plane—and this can negatively impact those around you too!

When we care for ourselves first, then we're able to better take care of everyone else around us who depend on our presence and support. So remember: Self-care isn't selfish; it's essential! And you owe it both to yourself and those who love you most.

Taking care of our needs helps us to be better people.

Taking care of yourself is a way to show your loved ones that you care about them. When we're at our best and feel the most confidence in ourselves, it's easier to show love and affection. We can be more present for the people around us when we're feeling healthy and fulfilled.

Taking care of yourself is a way to show your kids that you care about them. If you aren't taking care of yourself, how can you expect them to? Kids are intelligent and observant—they notice whether or not mommy has been getting enough sleep lately because she's cranky all the time; they see when dad comes home from work looking sad because he hasn't taken time for himself lately, and they know when mom has been skipping meals because she forgot (or didn't want) lunch again today.

Taking care of yourself is a way to show your friends that you care about them too! Friendships require both parties to make an effort—and sometimes doing things without reciprocation feels good enough on its own!

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Self-care doesn't have to be overwhelming; it can be as simple as taking a minute to breathe.

Though it's important to take care of yourself, self-care doesn't have to be overwhelming. Take a minute for yourself and focus on your breathing. Focus on the sensations in your body—the way your heart beats, how the air feels as it enters and exits from your lungs, and how blood moves throughout the body. You can also focus on what you see around you: colors, shapes, and textures in nature; people walking down the street; or even an object that is close by (like a flower or vase). The sense of touch can also be used as a way to practice self-care: petting an animal or taking a hot bath are two examples.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), it's important to focus on the mind itself during self-care moments—this includes thought patterns that may cause stress or anxiety during everyday life but also emotions like anger and sadness that arise due to circumstances outside our control.

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Being kind to yourself builds your confidence, which makes you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Self-care can be difficult to prioritize when life gets busy, but it's so important that we maintain our self-worth through it.

Why? Self-care builds your confidence, which makes you happier and healthier. It’s also more likely to help you be productive at work because when you're feeling good about yourself, it's easier to focus on what needs to be done.

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Self-care is an essential part of a healthy life and you shouldn't feel guilty about it!

Many people have a hard time accepting the idea of self-care because they think it's selfish. But self-care isn't just about you—it's also about being better able to take care of others and yourself.

When you're in need of some TLC, it's important that you don't feel guilty about taking time out for yourself. Self-care is an essential part of a healthy life and should never be considered selfish! If you're feeling low or burnt out, remember that taking care of yourself is one way to make sure that your needs will be met so that you can continue helping others. Most importantly though: self-care doesn't mean giving up on helping others—it means making sure that both sides are taken care of!

I hope this article has helped you see the benefits of self-care, and maybe even inspired you to give it a try. Remember that there are many ways to take care of yourself—you don't have to go all out with expensive spa treatments if that's not your thing. Even small things like taking time for yourself each day can make a big difference in your life!

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