Five Badass Crowdfunding Campaigns Launched by Female Founders.

Five Badass Crowdfunding Campaigns Launched by Female Founders. - PleaseNotes

Launching a new dream can be daunting, however with the innovation of crowdfunding it's easier then ever.  Crowdfunding on sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Kiva allow someone with a dream to be able to do product testing, create marketing support, and importantly see if it's a viable idea.


Kickstarter campaigns are one of the most popular to do and the most difficult to complete.  They have tight deadlines and they are all or nothing.  As of Sept 2018, the percentage of projects launched that are successful hover around 36% and they largely rely on the support of friends, family and social media allies.  


In the spirit of supporting female-lead ventures, here are 5 great ventures you can support on Kickstarter today.


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Hell Yeah Gluten Free is ready for brick and mortar! 

By Alejandra Luaces-Riera based in Atlanta GA

Focus: Help this beautiful bakery owner open her gluten free bakery.

Hell Yeah Gluten Free


Lemonayo - Spread the Culture

By Karen Diggs based in San Francisco, CA

Focus: Help the company making this Lemon-based condiment increase the size of their production.



LADY BUDS - The Definitive Documentary on Women In Weed

By Chris J. Russo based in Los Angeles, CA

FocusL: A film project highlighting 6 women attempting to transition from the “black market” of the California cannabis into the new legal market.

LADY BUDS - The Definitive Documentary on Women In Weed




Be AMAZING with these Inspirational Pins from PleaseNotes!

By Cheryl Sutherland based in Toronto, ON

Focus: To launch a new product line to the brand of inspirational goods.

Inspirational Law of Attraction Enamel Pins


Ink Minx - A Mobile Tattoo Shop For Women

By Shanzey Afzal based in New York, NY

Focus: Launching a womxn only tattoo tour across America.

Ink Minx


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