Ready. Set. Go. Here's 31 Affirmations to Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever.

Ready. Set. Go. Here's 31 Affirmations to Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever. - PleaseNotes
Ready to leverage the law of attraction?  Set yourself up for success by embodying one affirmation each day.  Say it, feel it, own it. In order for it to work you must allow yourself to believe it and step into the feeling of it!  Write it down somewhere you can see it, and to kick it up a notch, take 10 minutes in the morning to journal on what that feels like before you start your day!
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  1. I Am abundant in all areas of my life.
  2. I Am gracefully guided.
  3. I have attracted all the resources I require.
  4. I Am a badass.
  5. I love my life.
  6. I respect myself.
  7. I strong and focused.
  8. Everything is perfectly falling into place.
  9. I Am capable of creating anything that I want.
  10. I can have all the things I want.
  11. I Am worthy and I know it!
  12. I put myself first.
  13. I Am receiving goodness from unexpected places.
  14. I put my happiness first.
  15. I attract great people.
  16. I Am choosing in to success.
  17. I Am empowered and empowering.
  18. I live a blessed life.
  19. I love myself.
  20. I Am successful in all aspects of my life.
  21. I Am a big deal.
  22. I have the power to change lives.
  23. I Am amazing at everything and anything I do.
  24. I love being me.
  25. I Am living with grace and ease.
  26. Everything is working in my favor.
  27. Life loves me.
  28. I Am free to do and be.
  29. I Am a magical manifestor.
  30. I deserve great things.
  31. Everything I touch turns to gold.
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Want more affirmations?  Check out the Journal which is filled with affirmations, Mirror Mirror, affirmations perfect for your windows and mirrors, or the Sticky Notes, perfect for all your day to day tasks!
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