10 Easy Affirmations to Attract Wealth

10 Easy Affirmations to Attract Wealth - PleaseNotes

Allow money to come to you quickly and easily. Practice with these affirmations twice daily, said with excitement and enthusiasm. The more you step into the feeling of Wealth, soak in the feeling of it, and practice being it, the quicker it comes to you!

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  1. I Am Abundant in All Aspects of My Life.

  2. Money Flows to Me Easily.

  3. Unexpected Money Comes to me in Unexpected Ways.

  4. I Am A Magnet for Money.

  5. I Am Giving Freely From The Overflow of Income.

  6. Money Loves Me.

  7. I Am Great With Money.

  8. I Feel Wealthy.

  9. I Am Worthy of Wealth.

  10. I Love Being Wealthy.

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And as a bonus, say this when you're already feeling really good or when something good happens;

I Am Rich As F*ck!

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  • Karen Jackman

    Love these affirmations Cheryl ❤️

  • Heather

    This is great Cheryl! Thank you😘

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