The Guided Clarity Journal - Digital Download - PleaseNotes-Downloadables
The Guided Clarity Journal - Digital Download - PleaseNotes-Downloadables

The Guided Clarity Journal - Digital Download

"This Journal has been the perfect companion as I've started building my business. Sometimes I feel unsure or insecure, and I always get the right quote at the right time. It's like magic!" - Stacey S.

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Thinking there is more to life?  Have you hit a wall? Ready to take some big next steps?  Here comes The Journal!  It's not only great looking, it's brimming with activities to get your creative juices flowing.  Take the time to figure out what is really important to you and how to vision your best life by using the built-in "Journal Juice" Workbook. This is the only Journal filled with a different Affirmation, Motivational or Inspirational Quote on each page. After using it, you'll really know that you are Capable of Wondrous Things.

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As Seen In:

It's time to leverage the power of Clarity and boost your Confidence so you can make your mark on the world. 

It's time to maximize your potential and attain the success you desire.
Your answers are waiting for you, and this journal will help you discover them.

Flip through the Pages!

What Makes This Journal Different

Perfect for both new and experienced journalers alike, the introspective activities paired with the high-quality features and subtle touches of magic makes this an effective tool to boost your confidence and rewire your brain to create the success you desire. 

A Perfect Mix of Structure and Freedom to Create

Whether you want to use this as a daily diary, to release and explore your thoughts and emotions, or as a place to envelop yourself in the feeling of what your manifesting, it's built for any all your needs. 

The  "Journal Juice" Workbook

The curated exercises in the workbook help you begin your introspective journey. By having you take a high-level look at your current life, what your passions are, and how you want to make your mark on the world, you'll be able to re-orient your day-to-day decisions to help steer you towards the life you desire. Because life is always changing, you are able to download and redo this workbook for the rest of your life at no cost.

Empowering Messages on Every Page

You'll also be inspired by the hand-picked affirmations and inspirational quotes on every single page from people who are relevant and relatable to the time we live in now. 

Some of the quotes include  great changemakers such as: Michelle Obama, Wayne Dyer, Simone Biles, DJ Khaled, Ava DuVernay, Bob Proctor and Brené Brown.

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Enjoy The Experience

Created to make your journaling experience feel luxurious, we've thought of all the features to make you feel like you're treating yourself. Features like high-quality thick paper, generous line spacing, lay flat binding, added blank and bullet pages, great feeling ribbons and a handy pocket in the back, all nestled in a thick hard cover to make it easy to write in your bed or on the go. These Journals are not only a meaningful gift, they are a keepsake you can treasure. 

What our clients have to say

We obviously love our products, hear from people just like you.

Is this right for me?

There's tons of guided journals out there, and this is the only one built to help you navigating life transitions and creating to your unique version of success.
This Journal is perfect for you if you answer yes to any of the following;

•Do you have something more you want to give, but you don't know what it is yet?

•You're stepping into your new idea, but you find yourself slowing down as you get caught up in your own thoughts, doubts, and insecurities?

•Do you often find yourself comparing yourself to your peers and judging your progress?

•Are you used to searching for outside input in your decision making, and you want to feel confident in your choices?

It's time to connect to your purpose, claim your power and attain the success you desire. 

Turn inside to reconnect to your unique gifts and talents and take aligned actions that feel oh so good. 
By reconnecting to your intuition, you'll feel more grounded and sure when making decisions, saving you the time and energy you would of spent on coaches, courses and consultants that will give you an answer instead of teaching you how to find it internally.

By writing down your accomplishments, you create evidence that you are achieving your goals and deserve your desires. This will stop impostor syndrome in its tracks and make it easier for you to ask for the money, terms and boundaries that feel right to you. 

By creating your goals and dreams in vivid detail, you make your success feel natural and start easily attracting the people, places and things to manifest your success. 

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