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Journal Your Way To Clarity

Do you get stuck when making decisions? Learn how to tap into your internal guidance system so you can choose what's best for you.

Often we ask the opinions of others and choose a solution that feels like it's not 100% what you want. When you learn how to figure out where you want to go in life from a place of power, you make choices that you stick with that have the best outcome. Journaling helps you do just that by connecting you to your inner guidance system in a clear, undeniable way.

You've heard about how great it is to journal, come learn how to use it to help you in your day-to-day life.

Bring an intention to:

  • Get clarity on your career/ relationships / health / money.
  • Build a stronger connection with your internal guidance system.
  • Release a thought pattern that isn't serving you.
  • Manifest magic in your life with grace and ease.

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Clear and Confident Course 


It's Time To Create Your Successful, Abundant Life By Design

Many of us begin our journey of life living out other people’s definitions of success.
Think about it -  when have you ever sat down and gotten super clear on what success means to you?
When has anyone ever asked you what your definition of success is?
Most of us are encumbered with societal, familial, cultural, etc. expectations of what our lives are “supposed” to look like.
From birth, it’s assumed all women want to be Moms - maybe you don’t.
From adolescence, it’s assumed that we are going to school, get a job, get married, have 3.5 children and retire.
In our "middle ages" we are told we are supposed to be established, in a career and settle down.
These are all mistruths.
What if you are drawn to be an outlier? A changemaker? A person that follows a spark of intuition and builds a legacy vs being another cog in the wheel?
During this 7 week course, you will:

  • Take a deep look at all four areas of your life to see if the life you are living is pulling you closer to, or farther away from your definition of success.
  • Practice immersive activities that will rewire your brain to your "SuccessFul Self" so you can accelerate attracting the life you desire.
  • Learn about and dive deeper into your zone of genius, the place where your success flourishes, so you can spend more of your life creating from a place of power.
  • You will grow through videos, journaling exercises, In-Real-Life Activities, guided meditations, and weekly community Q&A sessions.
  • A Physical PleaseNotes Clarity Journal is also included in your Tuition

You are right for this program if:

  • You often feel over taxed and under excited with your everyday life.
  • You're going through a period of transition, and aren't quite clear on what the next steps should be.
  • You know you're ready for life to feel different, but feel caught up in the day-to-day stressors.
  • You're used to prioritizing everyone else, and want to put yourself first without guilt. 
  • You want to receive money from a place of ease and allowing vs struggle and frustration.
  • You're ready to feel Clear and Confident as you move towards the life you desire.

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Create Clarity In Your Calling

Say goodbye to the feeling of confusion and saying yes to clarity, confidence, and excitement as you build a business that feels just so right to you. 

This is right for you if you know you want to gain CLARITY in creating a business you love, but you just don't know what step to take.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you want to make progress towards building out your passion, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and distracted by everything around you. 
There are 5 huge mistakes I see when people try to find CLARITY on their own.

1. Asking for answers, not advice, from others.
2. Not trusting themselves.
3. Not leaning into activities that give them energy.
4. Acting out of fear instead of joy.
5. Looking at what other people are doing instead of learning how to look within

All the answers you are looking for are inside you. In learning how to draw them out and create with intention, you are able to live the amazing, magnificent, delicious life that you desire, and support the people that are waiting for your unique gifts to help them.

Picture this…

You’re looking in the mirror one day, feeling discouraged and confused about what the next step in your life is. 
You have looked back at your past and are wondering how you got where you are. 
You know you want your life to look different, but you have no idea where to start. 
You’ve been pouring energy into:
✅ A job that you don’t love but it keeps you afloat financially
✅ (Avoiding) Looking at finances that stress you out and leave you feeling like you never make enough
✅ Learning more about the subject you love, and your feeling anxious about how, and where to start

Are you tired of getting lost in your thoughts and going round and round in your head?

If you’re like everyone else, you’ve probably YouTubed, Googled, Pinterested and whatever else all over the internet looking for the solution to how you’re feeling. And you’ve probably found a million ways to “fix” the struggle you're experiencing. Let me guess-they haven’t worked yet which is why you’re here! 
When it comes to finding CLARITY in starting a new project, I truly know how difficult it can be. I’ve been where you are and I know you can turn this around!
If you’re here and reading this, it already shows that you’re committed to change. You’re ready for a positive mindset shift, and you’re ready for CLARITY. It’s time for you to take back your power friend and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 
Your struggle ends today!


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