A Closer Look at The PleaseNotes Goodness


The PleaseNotes Journal

The PleaseNotes Journal is a paper journal designed for you to question and discover your current life, and to explore and create what you really want. It's a space meant for creativity, play, discovery and a safe space for someone to really allow themselves to open up. The Journal is printed on recycled, high-quality paper, filled with inspiring quotes, affirmations, and messages, and has a great pocket in the back meant for keeping memories or other important things you would like to keep close, all within a 10 by 7 inch hard animal-friendly cover.

It also features the “Journal Juice” workbook to make sure you have tons of things to write about.  The workbook can be redone as many times as you would like and is available as a free download. To make things easy, it also has an elastic closure and pen loop, and even better, it comes with a 3 pack of PleaseNotes! These sticky notes are full of inspiration and affirmations you can use in the Journal or anywhere else. 


Check out the inside!


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Features of the PleaseNotes Journal

The PleaseNotes StickyNotes

The PleaseNotes StickyNotes are inspirational, affirmation filled sticky notes. They come in three themes and each theme has 5 messages that rotate through each pad, so you can re-enforce a quality.  The themes are;
  • Carefree, a beautiful blue for those wanting more joy and love in their lives.
  • Cheeky, bright pink and made for the slightly sarcastic. Playful and full of self-love.
  • Confident, black and gold for those wanting to reinforce more clarity and strength.
PleaseNotes StickyNotes

What Are The Benefits of using PleaseNotes Goods?

 Are you ready for a change?
Have you had a thought about something you want to do be or have, and then “that voice” comes in your head. The one that tells you no, you can’t do this because of X, Y, or Z. That you would be crazy to try. That it will never work. What if you could send that voice packing? The more you craft, repeat and affirm great things about yourself, the more capable you feel. The Journal has an exercise that allows you to create your affirmations, add to them over time, and reinforce them on the journal pages by using your PleaseNotes.
Did you want to get rid of stress, fear or anxiety?
It’s proven that writing out your thoughts and feelings helps you gain perspective on life events and provides a space for you to be creative, which is necessary for problem solving and generation of new ideas, products, or necessary play. In addition, practicing gratitude is one of the best ways do dissolve stress.  By focusing on all the positives in your life, the issues you are currently dealing with feel smaller. When you switch from panic to calm, it's easier for your brain to find solutions to current issues.
Is your confidence or self-esteem in need of a boost? 
What would you do if you believed in yourself more? Ask for that raise? Start that business? End that toxic relationship? Buy that outfit you really want? Enter that competition? The only way to increase confidence is from the inside out. The more you practice it, the more the results show up in your life. The exercises in the Journal Juice section help you create your new foundation and build yourself up and into the person you want to be.
Did you want more fun in your life? 
Fun might not be a priority, but it’s necessary for overall health! We’re not saying to use the Journal to plan your next Vegas trip (it is an option), however playing with your imagination is important. Since there isn’t a set structure to the Journal, you can use it whatever way suits you, for multiple projects, for planning, or just for a place to put your feelings. The Journal also comes with a couple exercises that will allow you to create a snapshot of your dream. An Ideal Scene allows you to play with what would life be like when you go on that vacation you always wanted, or you hit that weight loss goal? What would you be thinking, feeling, smelling, tasting, experiencing in those moments? How excited would you be? Allow yourself to play in those experiences, and then dare to create it in your real life!