What is the Law of Attraction: How to Practice the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction: How to Practice the Law of Attraction? - PleaseNotes


What is the Law of Attraction?

In short, the Law of Attraction is the philosophy that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts can bring about negative outcomes. It is based on the belief that the power of the mind can translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. This means that if we focus on the negative things that happen daily, we will remain moody, gloomy and feel down all the time. Whereas, if we focus on positive thoughts, it is more likely to attract success in all areas of our life, including health, finances, and relationships. Using the Law of Attraction to your favor can help you achieve your dream life, if you create a plan of action and work towards that goal every day.


3 Pillars of the Law of Attraction

1. Like Attracts Like

This first law suggests that similar things are attracted to one another. For example, we often have someone in our lives that will leave a relationship, job or problem and recreate that same experience with different variables.  Some great examples of this are when a friend leaves a toxic relationship and attracts another, or switching jobs because you are fed up with management, and the new company transforms into the same experience. This demonstrates that people tend to attract people, places and things that are similar to their current ones, meaning that our thoughts tend to attract our results. This occurs because what we believe, we tend to do, and these actions will eventually produce the results that dictate our lives moving forward. This highlights how negative thinking can attract negative experiences, while positive thinking can produce positive outcomes. The only way to shift these results is to practice new habits of thoughts that you want to be true.

2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This Law of Attraction suggests that it is impossible to have a completely empty space within our minds and in our lives. An example of this is when we decide it’s time to get rid of old clothes from our closet. But came to find it cluttered again a few weeks later with new purchases. By creating this place in our lives, we easily attract to new things. If we focus on removing negative things out of our lives, we are more open make space for the positive outcomes to take that place.

 3. The Present is Always Perfect

This final law suggests that there is always something you can do to improve the present moment. Although at times it can seem like nothing is going your way, instead of feeling unhappy we must focus our energy on finding ways to make the present moment the best it can be. This past year is a great example of this, because we have been stuck at home moping about how we couldn’t go see friends or go out to eat. Instead, we should focus on the benefits of that extra time spent at home. This time could have been spent cleaning the house, or learning a new workout routine, or maybe even learning a new skill.


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How to Practice the Law of Attraction

In its simplest form the Law of Attraction means that you create your own reality, meaning that if we learn to have an open and positive outlook on life, we will be more open to the blessings meant for us. To create this positive mindset, we can:

1) Journal- Writing down your daily thoughts can help you identify your habits of thought, what’s working, what you want to change and what you want to be true so that you can minimize negative thoughts and vision your best life for the future. To help you get started with journaling, check out this quick 2 minute quiz to assist you in finding the best journal to dial in those positive thoughts.

2) Use Positive Affirmations- By surrounding yourself with powerful and positive messages it allows you go from “I’m not feeling it, maybe not today”, to “Today is a great day, let’s get after it.” This will allow you to engage in positive self-talk to help you remain in a positive mindset so that you can attract the success you desire! If you are ready to tune yourself into the person you want to become PleaseNotes Affirmations and Abundance Program is offering a one-free month to help you in deepening your personal growth process!

3) Use a Daily Planner- By having a visual reminder of your goals and what you need to do to achieve those goals, it helps you stay motivated and remain in a positive frequency so that you can attract positive outcomes. The PleaseNotes Daily Manifestation Planner is filled with goodies like planning stickers, interactive monthly exercises and handpicked affirmations so you feel excited to make progress towards your dreams every time you open its covers! 


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