Retailer Spotlight: Finishing Touches

Retailer Spotlight: Finishing Touches - PleaseNotes

We are so excited to be highlighting our fab retail partners here on the PleaseNotes Blog. They truly are at the heart of our business. So many wonderful organizations have placed their trust in our PleaseNotes goodies and are passionate about sharing them with their customers too so it was only fitting we share these ahhmazing companies with you too!

Our next retail spotlight is shining brightly on, Finishing Touches. 

What is your name?

Leanne Eros

What's your business name?

Finishing Touches

How long have you been in business?

17 Years

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The Juicy Stuff

How did you get into your line of work and why are you passionate about it?

There was a need in our small community for a retail business. I had always had an interest and passion for home décor and design. When my husband and I purchased our first home we found limited selection to furnish and decorate with what was available locally. Then came Finishing Touches- home décor and gift gallery. That then led to me completing a two year decorating diploma.

What is a quote that made an impact on you? How did it come into your life and how do you use it?

Community over competition- has been a favourite saying for awhile. I can’t remember when I first heard it but realized that was how I’d wanted to run my business and my life.

I use it in business by sharing information with other women owned businesses. Information, resources and skills when I can. I believe the small business community is stronger when they work together.

What piece of advice would you give the 2012 version of you? Why?

Enjoy the small things and take everything in. Because life goes by very fast and you can’t turn back the clock.

What activities do you do for self-care and mindfulness?

Journaling, planning (in a planner), reading and exercising.

When you're feeling unsure of yourself, what do you do to realign yourself?

Deep breaths! And a look back at all the things I’ve accomplished so far.

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About the Products

Why did you decide to partner with Cheryl Sutherland & PleaseNotes Goods?

I was inspired when hearing her speak and of the mindfulness journaling techniques she was sharing. I believe it was during the onset of the pandemic and thought her products and messages should be shared with our customers and all our connections.

What items have you used and given as gifts?

  • Guided Journal (Clarity)
  • Guided Journal (Manifestation)
  • Sticky Notes
  • Mirror Decal (Mirror Mirror)
  • Jotter Notebooks

What feedback do you have for the PleaseNotes team about working together?

Been great so far!

What have your clients said about the PleaseNotes items they have received from you?

Perfect prompts when you’re stuck, Inspiring, uplifting




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