Planner Kickstarter update - 48 Hours in!

Planner Kickstarter update - 48 Hours in! - PleaseNotes



We're on our way to a win! Thank you so so much to everyone who has shown up so far, pledged and shared the campaign!  As you know, being a small business can feel really lonely at times, and you have reassured me that we are on our way to a win!  

Latest Updates: 

1) The samples of the planners are on their way to Toronto from our manufacturers overseas.

2) If we keep sharing the campaign keep the momentum going, we are on track to reach the 15K stretch goal in no time, which means a digital guided journal for everyone ( Manifestation, Dream, Clarity or Gratitude), the new colors available to select ( Blue, Grey, Pink and Black will be available) and everyone gets a high quality gel ink pen to do all your manifesting with! 

3) Do you have an audience I would love this? The affiliate program is still open! Click this link to sign up, and you'll get your unique code. Every time somebody purchases an item through your link, you get rewarded! It's the ultimate win-win!

You are the best, 

To our success! 

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