Difference of Intention vs. Goal

Difference of Intention vs. Goal - PleaseNotes

In our pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment, we often come across the terms "intention" and "goal." While they might seem similar, understanding their differences can significantly enhance your self-improvement process. In this blog, I'll explore the nuances between intentions and goals, and how adding them to your bullet journal can transform your life.

Setting intentions and goals has been pivotal for my personal development path. I've realized that intentions are the guiding principles shaping our attitudes and behaviors, while goals are specific outcomes we aim to achieve. Adding both into my journaling practice has created a balanced approach to personal growth.

The Power of the Duo

Intentions are broader and focus on the why behind our actions. They are about our mindset and the energy we bring into each day. For example, one of my intentions is "I intend to approach each day with gratitude and patience."

Goals, on the other hand, are concrete and measurable. They focus on the what. A goal I recently set was "I will complete a 5K run in three months."

Understanding these differences has been important for my personal development. Intentions provide the motivation and direction, while goals offer tangible milestones to track my progress.

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Benefits Abound

  1. Clarity and Focus: Combining intentions with goals in your personal development journal offers a clear roadmap. Intentions keep you grounded, and goals keep you moving forward.

  2. Enhanced Motivation: Intentions remind you of your purpose, while goals give you something specific to work towards.

  3. Balanced Growth: This approach ensures you are not just chasing achievements but also nurturing your inner self.


  • Intention: I intend to be more mindful and present in my daily interactions.
  • Goal: I will practice meditation for 10 minutes every morning for the next 30 days.

Tips for Journaling:

  1. Use a Bullet Journal: Incorporate both intentions and goals into your bullet journal. This structured approach helps in organizing thoughts and tracking progress.

  2. Journal Prompts: Use personal growth journal prompts to dig deeper into your intentions and goals. Questions like "What do I intend to bring into my life this month?" or "What goal will significantly impact my well-being?" can be insightful.

  3. Regular Reflection: Set aside time weekly to review your intentions and goals. This reflection can be documented in your personal journal writing examples, helping you stay aligned with your objectives.

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Embracing both intentions and goals in your journaling practice offers a holistic approach to personal growth. Intentions provide the emotional and mental framework, while goals offer actionable steps to realize your dreams. Practice these concepts into your journal organizer and watch how your life transforms. Remember, your journal guide is not just a place for documentation but a way to becoming the best version of yourself.

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