An Introvert’s Guide to Self-Care

An Introvert’s Guide to Self-Care - PleaseNotes

As an introvert, you already know how drained you become after going out in public for any period of time or engaging socially with a group of people. And being a person who needs to be alone to recharge and reset, then you probably already know that it can be hard to find the opportunity to shut the door to the world. What you need are ways to recharge yourself that don’t necessarily involve escaping from the world. 


Journaling is an excellent way to help you process your thoughts and feelings. Just the act of writing them down helps you see your feelings in a more analytical way. Therefore, you’re better able to understand them and, by extension, yourself. Journaling is a way to feel a sense of privacy no matter where you are, helping you to reduce any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. 

Getting started with journaling can feel overwhelming, so starting with a guided journal is a great option.  Created with prompts and exercises to help you sort out your feeling and emotions, the guided gratitude journal is great for people looking to reduce daily stress and anxiety. The guided clarity journal is great for figuring out your next steps in life and what you actually want to do, freeing you from "Analysis Paralysis". 

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Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being fully present and engaged in the moment. It’s a way of paying attention to your own thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, like your breath and heartbeat. It’s not a time to rehash the past or worry about the future, it’s all about being aware of the moment you’re in without judgment. 

Besides practicing how to live fully in the present moment, you can also try learning how to meditate. Meditation is a core mindfulness practice. By being still and focusing your mind on a single object, you can obtain a state of calm. It’s helpful to concentrate on your breathing — not controlling it, just being aware of it. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing. With practice, it becomes easier. There are apps you can use to guide you through the process and music that is made just for meditation. 

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Move to a Healthier Lifestyle

As an introvert, you often feel emotionally and physically drained. More than the rest of the population, you need more strength to bounce back. That’s why you should be particularly mindful of your health. 

A daily diet that includes proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can give you the right balance of nutrients to fuel your body to its full potential. By the same token, sugars and fatty foods can make you feel sluggish, run-down, and tired. 

Exercise is another way of boosting your energy and elevating your mood. It’s a good idea to establish an exercise routine to stay fit and healthy. But besides that, there are small things you can do every day to get more physical activity. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Park in the parking spot furthest away from the building. Go for a walk on your lunch break. 

And drink more water. As an adult, you should drink 2 liters of water every day. Coffee can give you a short burst of energy, but water can make you feel more energized all day long. 

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Online Classes

As an introvert, you’re a lover of learning new things. You read and observe and soak in knowledge better than most people do. But if classrooms and campuses aren’t your cup of tea, try online courses.

There are virtual classes for special topics like how to speak another language or program a computer. Learning sites like Skillshare and Curiosity Stream are loaded with content for almost any topic you can think of. 

For a more formal education, you can take online degree courses from a number of well-respected and recognized universities. These classes allow you to keep your current work schedule while studying at your own pace. 

Remember, being an introvert isn’t a disorder that needs to be treated, it’s a personality trait to be accepted and respected. Experiment with different self-care methods until you find the one that works for you. Then embrace who you are because who you are is pretty darned special. 


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