3 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

3 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence - PleaseNotes

Having confidence is huge in changing your quality of life.  Not only do you worry less, you live a more fulfilled life. Imagine. You are able to ask for what you want and clearly voice your boundaries with everything. When it comes to just work and relationships, think of all the stress and doubt that would be alleviated. Unfortunately, confidence wasn’t a mandatory class in high school, so most people don’t know how to build that muscle. Here are 3 great tips on boosting your confidence that you can start using right now.

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Silence - I know, odd right? But listen to this. Sitting in silence, meditating and talking to yourself for at least 20 minutes a day allows you to tune in to yourself. Take the time to find out what you really want, what you want to create, what your goals are, and what you like to do.  You can experience this anywhere.  Practice focusing in on your breath in the shower, turn off the radio on your drive to work, sit in your car after you park and check in with you. When you head out into the “real world”, it’s easier for you to dictate your opinions because you are more grounded. Another great benefit is you are able to tune into your intuition or “gut” easier, so you can make more confident decisions.

Fake it - Think of someone you think is super confident. Now, pretend to be them. You probably noticed you’re sitting straighter, your facial expression has shifted, and if you were to walk around, the way you would carry yourself would be different too. This isn’t being inauthentic, you’re acting as if it is, so it can be.  The more you practice seeing yourself in way that you believe confident people act, the more you, and others will see you as confident. What would a confident person eat for lunch? What would they wear?  What exercises would they do? How would they approach new people?  Practice makes perfect!

Speak it - Affirmations.  The all important “I Am’s”.  When you say positive things about yourself, you feel better about yourself.  So often when people give us compliments we pull out a mirror or turn on a deflector shield and retort back with, “ Oh I guess.” , “ Sure.”or “Thanks.”. I still struggle with this!  Someone today said I looked amazing in a photo shoot I did and I replied with, “ I wish I didn’t look so fluffy, but thank you.” When you say good things to yourself about yourself, you aren’t able to discount it as easily.  Grab a pen, (yes right now), and write down 10 things you dislike or want to improve about yourself.   Then create a positive statement about yourself using that attribute, and make sure there is a I Am at the front of the statement.  Say these affirmations to yourself and keep them around as reminders!  Here’s an example.

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“ I wish I was 50 pounds lighter, my back has rolls.”  vs “ I am a beautiful, sexy goddess and I am perfect the way I am.”

There's a great guide to creating affirmations in the Journal Juice section of the PleaseNotes Journal that you can always download and re-do once you're ready to do it again!

Did you try out any of the tips?  Leave a comment below on what your results were and any tips you have to improve confidence.

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