Your Intro to Journaling - 3 Easy Ways to Start Manifestation Journaling

Your Intro to Journaling - 3 Easy Ways to Start Manifestation Journaling - PleaseNotes

Let's get into Manifestation, shall we?

Wondering what manifestation journaling is and how do you get started? Check out these 3 quick tips to get you started with using the Law of Attraction and start manifesting results asap!

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All right, Cheryl here to help you out getting started in certain to play with the process of manifestation. So with this quick video, you're going to get three easy tips to get started, and start rocking it. Start creating the life that you desire and make things super easy and super fun. Now, first things first tip number one, you are going to in fact, write out.

What it is that you want now, depending on the person that you are, you might write it out in point form. You might write it our own rich detail with like people, places, things, all of that. The most important thing is that you feel good about it. You don't feel like you're pushing, you don't feel resistance against it.

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And then the less resistance that you have, the easier that it is to come to you. Secondarily, after you've written down your list or your paragraph, you are going to go and really. Deep in the feeling of it. How does it feel to be, do or have the thing that you've written down? Then the third point is how was your internal energy different now that you have what you desire, you're going to picture yourself, having all of those things, being all of those things, and then notice within your body.

Like, do you feel lighter? Do you feel excited? Where's the energy? Like, how is it that you feel okay. That's different than how you feel right now. Now that is a very big key, because that is going to be that emotional anchor for you, where you're able to move forward with that. And then as you're making decisions in your life, should I do this?

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Should I not do this? Should I move forward on this path or that path? You're going to take the time to reconnect to the feeling of that internal energy. You're going to connect to the feeling of that anchor. And that is going to be your guiding light, your guideposts, to know what way you should go as you move through it.

So with that, I'll see you later.

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