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Brightly - Affirmation Soft Enamel Pins

Brightly - Affirmation Soft Enamel Pins

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Wear a reminder to be your favorite version of you.


The magic of words is powerful. Words can uplift and inspire, they can calm and encourage. These affirmation soft enamel pins will give you the reminder you need on your journey as you are always working so hard to be courageous, calm, collected and make your way through life as an amazing person.

Messaging on front of pin:

Self-Made Enamel Pin

Breathe Deeply Enamel Pin

Shine Bright Enamel Pin

Manifest Magic Enamel Pin

Message on keepsake Backer Card:

This is a reminder. The world needed to be the confident, bold, magnificent person you really are. You have a plethora of people cheering you on and you are deserving of all the things that you desire. Now go, make magic.



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