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Les Brown

This is amazing.

This is great work, it's a gift and more people need to know about and use these goods. I love it!

Les Brown 

Personal Development Leader

Monique Coleman

I'm in love!

I'm in love with the PleaseNotes line.  I have the mirror decals all over my apartment, and I love the Journal.

Monique Coleman 
Actress / Women's Empowerment Leader
Erin - the petite planner

I feel capable to live the life I want!

The PleaseNotes Journal isn’t your average lined notebook with a motivational quote on the outside. It’s jam-packed full of great, goal-oriented content to help you achieve your dreams.

Erin N. 

Journaling Influencer

Arianna Blean

I Really Really Love It!

I love the Notebook, because it helps me keep my crazy mind organized. Every time I need a positive affirmation, the quote at the bottom of the page always some how applies to what I'm feeling and completely makes my whole mindset change and makes me happier.

Arianna B. 

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Olivia Harris

My Favorite

I love my Journal. I started using the workbook when I really wanted to do my own thing, but I didn't have the courage to leave my job. Now I have my own company, I work 20 hours a week, I'm working with people I never thought I would and I feel excited when I wake up in the morning!

Olivia H. 

Digital Marketing Manager


A Game Changer.

I love my Confident Mirror Mirror Decals and Label of Love Water Labels. They always remind me to stay the course, even when I doubt myself. I feel more grounded and empowered, and get more done! People have even told me they see a change in me!

Joelle C. W. 

Speaker / Personal Development Leader

Naia Kete - Say Real

The #HustleKit is my fav

The positive messages are perfect.  I love using the Sticky Notes when I'm working through ideas, and the Journal is perfect for lyrics.

Naia Kete 

 Singer / Songwriter

Jesyka White

I love the PleaseNotes Products

The Journal gives me the juice to jumpstart my thought management. I love the quotes at the bottom as well, just a little extra goodness for my brain to absorb. I can't forget about the beloved Sticky Notes. The affirmations that are at the top of each sticky that I use, helps to guide how I handle whatever notes I happen to jot down.

Jesyka White 

Photographer / Student / Nurse

Vic Styles

Perfect for on the go.

I'm constantly on the move so having a place to keep all my notes, business cards, and random thoughts that also reminds me that I'm on the right track is so special. 

Victoria Sanders 

Fashion Stylist / Blogger

"Everything was built intentionally to reconnect you with the knowledge that you can create anything you desire. 

When you believe in yourself, your goals 

and your passions, anything is possible."

Cheryl Sutherland

CEO, Founder of PleaseNotes


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