Cheryl Sutherland's Podcast Apperances

Hustle Over Everything (June 22, 2020) - 1h 38 mins

Episode 36: The Power of Positive Affirmations | Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland experienced something that many people feel. Knowing that there is something more and having trouble discovering it. Taking a risk, she left her job and focused completely on building her self-confidence and nurturing her inner gifts through journaling, reading and working with affirmations.

It was then she re-discovered her passion was to uplift and support others in seeing and knowing the very best in themselves. She started her personal growth company, PleaseNotes, fueled with excitement and a drive she didn't know was possible.


Hustler Hot Seat (September 23, 2019) - 40 mins

E29: Building a Product-Based Business w/ Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland is a Transition Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur guided to help others in becoming their favourite version of themselves. By focusing on distilling a person's passion, she is able to help them reconnect and extract their own personal power


Authentic Influencer Podcast (Dec 17, 2019) - 32 mins

EP66: Get Out Of Your Own Way with Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland has spent the last 15 years using her insight, joy and incredible gifts as a speaker to rock the personal growth industry while learning and working alongside legends like Bob Proctor and Les Brown. Cheryl founded her company, PleaseNotes, to create affirmation-filled goodies aimed at guiding people through the process of becoming their favorite version of themselves!

In today’s episode, Brooke and Cheryl share wisdom and thoughts on leveraging gratitude, the importance of journals, and boldly leaving your comfort zone.

So if the work you’re doing leaves you exhausted because you haven’t found your spark, this episode will open your world.

You’ll Learn:

-How to Leverage Gratitude and the Law of Attraction
-Asking yourself the juicy questions
-Manifesting and visualizing to achieve your goals
-And much more!

The Growing Out Loud Podcast with Newsha D | MOTIVATION, SELF-HELP, ANXIETY, LIFE COACH, MILLENNIALS (Sep 26, 2018) - 37 mins

007 | Navigating your internal GPS with Cheryl Sutherland

"In this episode, we talk about why Cheryl started her company and the three Cs that align her work: Confidence, Clarity, and Creativity. She also teaches me a thing or two about affirmations, speaks about her exciting new kickstarter campaign, and shares some valuable advice to help overthinkers get out of their heads and check in with their internal GPS." 

She Leads Podcast: Leadership Empowerment for Women of Color (Apr 23, 2019) - 30 mins

S3 E17: Leadership Empowerment with Cheryl Sutherland

In this episode of She Leads Podcast, Cheryl Sutherland Founder of PleaseNotes shares insight on:

  • The Importance of Boundaries & Accountability in Business
  • Moving in Alignment
  • Being Nicer to Ourselves
  • Self-Assessment and Self-Awareness


The All Arminda Show (Apr 10, 2018) - 39 mins 

"I'm delighted to have her as today's guest on The All Arminda Show and I hope you enjoy her infectious laughter, her deeply-experienced wisdom, and the beauty radiating from her inside out. This conversation covers some of Cheryl's personal insights to her own value and worth, what she has to give and how her love of having "affirmations everywhere" inspired her to start her company, PleaseNotes. I love how self-aware Cheryl shows up in her world and I love the honesty she shares with me and, by extension, with each of you! "

Cheryl Sutherland: Struggle Doesn't Equal Value



Start Fierce Business Podcast (Jul 5, 2018) - 15 mins

#154 - How to Set Big Goals for Your Business with Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland, the founder of PleaseNotes, felt restless and overwhelmed at her 9 to 5. After months spent in coaching, journaling, and reigniting her inner creativity, she launched PleaseNotes. PleaseNotes features affirmation-filled products that inspire women of color to step into their own power by building confidence, clarity, and creativity. In this episode, we talk about setting big goals and the importance they’ve played in Cheryl’s life. She also shares how her Kickstarter exceeded its goal.


Radical Remembrance: Conversations on Being Human (formerly Ladies Who Lead) (May 14, 2018) - 40 mins 

E104 Cheryl Sutherland - Affirmations for Confidence Clarity Creativity

Today we have Cheryl Sutherland, who went from feeling restless at a 9-5 to becoming the founder of Please Notes (, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products that inspires women to step into their own power - in love, life, and the boardroom - by building confidence, clarity, and creativity 

Creative Empire - 37 mins 

Episode 211: Journaling + Growth, with Cheryl Sutherland

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Cheryl Sutherland, who is the founder behind PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products, like journals, and notebooks and just everything stationary that makes our hearts sing. At the beginning of the episode, Cheryl dives in to tell us all about how PleaseNotes got started! She shares why taking time for yourself is important and what made her make the decision to have a physical product and not sell a service. We learn about how journaling can be useful and how to run a business that is driven by purpose. Towards the end of the episode, the trio discuss networking and why you need to do it well.

Fill Your Cup - 58 mins

Taking You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be with Cheryl Sutherland

Journaling is one of those self-care tools that are widely available to us, but one that the majority of us aren’t doing regularly (myself included). But with the immense amount of benefits that can come from a journaling practice, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to implement a journaling practice in a way that feels natural, cup-filling and something that you actually look forward to.

Startup Life (Feb 13, 2018) - 33 mins 

Startup Life Show with Ande Lyons featuring Cheryl Sutherland 

Finding funding is a constant challenge for most Startup Founders. PleaseNotes Founder Cheryl Sutherland shares her sensational startup stories along with how she uses creativity, clear vision, and confidence to attract investors and customers and get rapid results.

We talk about funding, marketing, and mindset challenges for startups. Cheryl discusses how she created a 150% result for her Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign - and generously shares all her awesome sauce secrets to help you have a successful campaign.

I love Success Podcast (July 22, 2017) - 1h 9 mins

Building My Self Development Empire

Today's guest was born and rasied in Calgary, Canada. After doing a bunch of things she was told she "should do" or "have to do" to be successful, she found herself on the empty side. By the time she was 26, she had an "adult" job at a national bank. She had friends, was in a relationship, owned a home, and was doing pretty well according to most people's standards. But she was missing something, she didn't know who she was. She had forgotten her gifts, and had become an expert in what she was not and what she could never be, instead of who she really was.

After doing some soul searching she discovered that she loved that bulb moment, that "Aha" when people realize how great life could be, and more importantly, that they had the power to create a life they love.

No Philter with Phil Pallen - 26 mins


Succeeding at Kickstarter with Cheryl Sutherland

Listen to Cheryl's stories about her successful Kickstarter campaign!


The Good news Radio Show - 1 h 36 mins

Epsiode 50 with Cheryl Sutherland

Unlike other podcasts, this one will be a more special podcast in which Cheryl talks about 3 interesting topics: moving to Mars, the Law of Association, and abortion. 



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