Your Intro to Journaling - 3 Easy Ways to Start Gratitude Journaling

Your Intro to Journaling - 3 Easy Ways to Start Gratitude Journaling - PleaseNotes


Ready to start with gratitude journaling, but need help getting started? Here's 3 easy tips to get started and make this new habit easy and fun!

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All right, Cheryl here to give you some tips to start practicing with gratitude. Now, with these three quick, easy steps, tips, all of the above, you are going to be able to start dipping into your gratitude practice and make it easy and make it fun so that you can raise your vibration, lower your stress and anxiety and get more of the things that you want.

Sound good? 

Tip number one or step number one, you are going to take a look right now where you're at and see all the things that are around you, whether it be your favorite cup, whether it be your laptop, your phone, whether it be your bed, whether it be people on public transit with you, take a look at the things around you and the life that you have. Now understand that there's so many things that we do every day, that it's very easy to ignore the things that we have around us, even the privilege of being able to take public transit or to drive a car or, you know, the ability to fill up our gas tank or ride a bike. Like these are all things that we have opportunity to practice appreciation for practice, gratitude for. So take a look at all these things around you and notice that like, this is actually pretty cool that I'm actually really lucky to have all these things that I'm enjoying all these things and I'm grateful for all of these things as well.

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Second tip, slash step, you are going to choose one item around you and connect with its history. Now think about it, let's say for example, I'm going to pull out this candle. This is actually one of my favorite candles. I actually got it from a friend who decided to give it to me for my birthday. Normally she bakes cookies for us every birthday, because she's hashtag amazing. However, she decided to give us a candle, give everybody a candle this year. And so with this particular candle, it gives me the opportunity to connect with the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies, and really appreciate the fact that it smells so delicious. Who are the people that created the formula to be able to scent it in this way? Who are the people that decided to even create this company? Who are the people that decided, again, my friend to go out and purchase this for me, and even the thought process that they had around it.

Other things could be your favorite mug, thinking about the person that decided to create it for you as they're going through their design process. Then of course the people, places and things that needed to fall in place for them to be able to have the supplies, to create that, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
There's just so many things around you that you have the opportunity to connect with the history of. The people that were involved in getting it all the way to you and that, you have the opportunity and the ability to actually own this thing. It's kind of cool.

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Third tip slash step. Choose a consistent time to practice gratitude.
Now you might start playing with doing it first thing in the morning saying like, oh, I'm so grateful for my life. I'm so grateful for my senses. I'm so grateful for the air. You could do all of those things you might be able to, and actually prefer, taking a time in the middle of the day to connect with gratitude of things like I'm so grateful that I was able to go to work today, or these are the great things that have happened so far, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Or you might really enjoy it before you go to sleep. Now, go doing it before you go to sleep is also really great because it's a really nice summary, a way to tell your brand, you know, what things are complete, that you did a really great job, and then also be able to feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of acknowledgement for yourself, and then also that things are actually really good. In addition, it does set you up for a really great sleep, and while you were sleeping, your subconscious is running this level of satisfaction. This level of gratitude, this level of appreciation, and therefore when you wake up in the morning, you wake up more refreshed to feeling good, feeling great and ready to take on the day.

So play with all three and then choose one that works for you. So with that, let's get started.

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