Make Your Success Easy with the Guided Manifestation Planner

Make Your Success Easy with the Guided Manifestation Planner - PleaseNotes

For the longest time, you have all been told that there is a certain list of things you need to be considered successful. Depending on who raised you it probably included having things like a house, a car, a spouse, kids, and a bunch of money sitting in the bank. But how do you get all these things?

Everyone says that “working hard, struggling, pushing and doing is the name of the game”. However, I have always felt that something about this is off. How do I figure out what I really want in life, and how do I create it without being too tired to enjoy it all?

To help with this, we created the Guided Manifestation Planner. Unlike anything on the market, we’ve brought some secret sauce to help you learn and implement the tactics needed to bring you to your own desired version of success. Whether that be working to get to a particular point in your career, having a house and 3 kids, or quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur. This planner has got the tools you need to get off that struggle bus and jump on the attraction train in order to attain the thing you’re truly destined for.


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What Makes this Planner Unique?


1) Create Lasting Change from the Inside Out

Even if you’re brand new to the Law of Attraction or have been using it for years, this planner can help you dial in on the magic. Most of our thoughts we have daily are a part of our habits and when you change your actions you will eventually change your thoughts and get different results.


2) Learn about the woo, Without Feeling Weird

You may ask what this means, well per all PleaseNotes Goodies, we like to take a deep dive into the subject at hand and teach you the fundamentals surrounding the Law of Attraction in a tangible, grounded way. Inside the manifestation planner, there is a workbook portion that helps you learn to create goals in alignment with your higher self. This means you’ll be able to learn more about yourself so that you understand your feelings in a way that helps you establish the feeling of what you truly desire, while learning about what holds you back from what you want. By doing so, you can create a clear way for your manifestations to appear over time.


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3) Build your confidence and Make your Mark on the World

The Manifestation Planner was created with monthly exercise to help you create space in order to create evidence of the person you are and the person you aspire to be. This allows you to conquer imposter syndrome and feel clear about creating boundaries and asking for what you want. By practicing gratitude and self-appreciation, your mood and vibration rises so that you're more open to receiving all the goodness you desire. All we want to do is help you dial into this flow and help make this confidence feel natural like it should.


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Why This Planner is Important 

After working hard to accomplish amazing things in my professional life. I recognized at 23 that I was following this narrative of what I thought success was. That’s when I was given the gift of personal growth which helped me reframe my thinking and see my life differently. Throughout my development journey, I’ve said yes to opportunities that I never would have thought could happen. The confidence I’ve cultivated has allowed me to move to many different places and surround myself with world-class leaders and start this business that gives others access to the same life-changing tools and techniques that I used to transform my own life.

I’ve always been guided to help others boost their self-confidence so that they can deepen their impact and maximize their potential and create a delicious, fulfilling life for themselves and the ones they care about. Whether it be starting a company or getting a new job, creating a great relationship, or even loving themselves at a deeper level. I want you to start to saying “YES” to your dreams and choose to believe in yourself. It’s time to make success a habit by learning how the law of attraction and setting goals can support you on your journey.

The Guided Manifestation Planner is the latest product added to our line of tools so that you can create these life-changing techniques and achieve the long-lasting results you need. I’m so in love with how the project turned out, I can’t wait for you to experience the magic that comes along with these planners.

If you haven’t checked it out, you can by clicking here

I’m beyond thankful that I am given the opportunity to help support you on your own journey to success. Let’s hop on that attraction train and take hold of our goals so that we can achieve the success we desire together.

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