3 Tips to Manifest Your Love.

3 Tips to Manifest Your Love. - PleaseNotes

Myself and a really good friend sat around the kitchen table and talked about how "interesting" the dating scene is here in LA. We were both single, and actively looking for a proper person to be in a relationship with.

The conversation about online dating sounded a little like this;

What tweak should we make to our online profiles?

What pictures convey how smart and amazing we are?

What dating sites work better than other sites?

There was one thing we completely forgot. We have the power to manifest! Manifesting is a new way of looking at dating.  Instead of seeking, we were going to let the universe give it to us.  Here’s 3 easy steps to manifesting that person of your dreams.

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1. What do you want?


A wise woman once told me that the universe was like your favourite pizza place. How are you going to get the pizza you want if you don't tell them what toppings you like?

The first real step in doing that is getting very clear about what we wanted.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about just all the superficial stuff like height, weight, and bicep circumference. I'm talking about all the internal attributes, the feelings, the values that you want this person to have. This is the time to be very clear and not hold back. So, we wrote a list in our journals. That list consisted of 25 nonnegotiable attributes in this person we were attracting. My list included qualities like funny, virtuous and adventurous, hers included meaty, must love dogs, and monogamous.  Don’t worry, I added meaty to my list too :)


 2. What does that feel like?


So a big part of the law of attraction is feeling like you already have what you want. I think this is why people experience what I call “The Couple Phenomenon”.  When you’re in a happy relationship and quality partners start popping out of the woodwork. Where were all you when I was looking for you! Use your imagination and feel what it would be like to go on dates with this person, wake up next to them, have them surprise you on your birthday, regular relationship stuff.  By doing so, your tuning in to the frequency of the partnership you want, kind of like tuning into a radio signal.

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   3. You deserve it!

I don’t know about you, but I know in the past I’ve had a pretty solid relationship block.  I noticed, in retrospect of course, that if I was dating somebody who decided to do something nice for me I would  feel odd about it. Feeling like you deserve to have somebody who takes care of you and loves you the way you really want to be loved can be an obstacle, and one you definitly want to dissolve.  Imagine yourself in different situations with your new boo, and see if there is anything they are doing that triggers any feeling of constriction.  Notice it, and be willing to dig around to find out why you are feeling this way.  It’s all about how you respond to situations, and if you are able to notice and dissolve these blocks before your in an actual relationship, that’s one less issue to deal with!

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You might notice the common theme here is you.  If you believe that you are worthy, who your boo is and that he is out there, mountains move.  Work on the inside and the outside responds. In the meantime, trust that it's all happening perfectly, and do some fun single things.  It might be the last time you do them. 

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  • Xylena Sarden

    This is dead on! I love how concise these tips are and that I am not the only person who is aware of manifesting love & happiness. I was just speaking on this with a close sister-friend of mine and it’s such a game changer! ✌?#positivevibesonly

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