20 Journaling Prompts You Can Use Today

20 Journaling Prompts You Can Use Today - PleaseNotes

Journaling also helps us stay organized and remember all the details of our lives. If you have a busy schedule or list of errands to run, writing everything down in a journal can be extremely helpful!

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The practice of journaling is one that can be as simple as writing down your thoughts and feelings in a notebook. However, it can also be an incredibly powerful tool to help you achieve goals and create positive change in your life.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 20 journaling prompts to help you get started:

  1. What are your goals for this year? How will you achieve them? What steps have you taken so far?
  2. What do you want to accomplish next year? What steps have you taken so far?
  3. What is the first step towards achieving your goal? Write it down and take action!
  4. What do other people notice about you when they first meet you? Write down five things they might say about your personality, appearance or behavior. Do these things align with the person you want to be? If not, what can you do differently in order to move closer towards that goal?
  5. What is something you are grateful for right now?
  6. What would your life look like if everything was exactly as it should be? What does that feel like? How does it make you feel when you think about it?
  7. If money were no object, what would you do with your life? How would it change if money were not a factor at all? Embrace this thought process and see where it leads! You can always change it later!
  8. What am I looking forward to?
  9. What is the biggest lesson I've learned in life so far, and what did it take me to get there (ex: heartbreak, rejection)?
  10. What am I proudest of in my life so far (ex: graduating college)?
  11. What do I want to remember about this year (ex: how many books did I read this year)?
  12. What are three things that inspire you right now?
  13. What did you learn from yesterday?
  14. How did it feel when … happened? (Example: How did it feel when I told my friend about my dreams?)
  15. What would your perfect day would look like?
  16. What are five things that motivate you in life or at work, or that help keep you motivated throughout the day (for example: ___________). These can be anything from having a great boss who gives good feedback on how you're doing at work to knowing that when it's time for lunch, there will be pizza waiting for everyone in the office; from seeing pictures of my family members who are far away on my desk at work to knowing that I can talk to them on the phone whenever I want to; from having a big stack of books at home on my nightstand to knowing that if I need a little bit of alone time after
  17. What's something you've been wanting to try but haven't yet?
  18. What's your favorite way to spend a rainy day?
  19. What was the best compliment someone gave you today?
  20. Who do you admire most in this world and why?

Journaling is a great way to express yourself and your feelings. It can help you become more mindful and aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It also allows you to pinpoint specific areas in your life that need attention.

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